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Apartments Bedrichovka in the Jizera Mtns.

Welcome to the Jizera Mountains

What is there to experience in the Bedřichov area?

Bedřichovka apartments are located in the heart of the mountain village Bedřichov in Jizera mountains. Bedřichovka is located next to the Mountain Rescue Service station, directly at the crosscountry skiing area, the starting point of the famous "Jizerská 50" crosscountry ski race.

Winter in Bedřichov

Extensive trails of the Jizerská Trail are maintaiend daily during the winter season. Network of ski trails can take you all across the Jizera mountains or even take you across the border into Poland.

500 meters from the apartment is a ski resort Bedřichov which offers six ski lifts of lower difficulty. Within Skiaréna Jizerky you can use one ski pass for the lifts in Bedřichov and Severák in Albrechtice. Ski resorts offer ski rentals and services.

A ten-minute drive will take you to swimming pool in Liberec or Jablonec nad Nisou. At low temperatures, you can skate on the dam in Jablonec nad Nisou or use ice stadiums in Liberec and Jablonec.

Summer in Bedřichov

In the summer, you can take advantage of a dense network of hiking and biking trails. Popular destinations include the dams Černá Nisa and Josefův Důl, Jizerka colony, Královka and Slovanka lookouts and many other attractions of the Jizera mountains.

A few meters from the house are tennis courts and a natural swimming pool. Rope park Artur, Bobsled track Janov nad Nisou or trails for kickbikes are nearby. Behind the Bedřichovka apartments house is a summer playground for Discgolf. You can also go to the marked cycling trails Singltrek in Nové Město pod Smrkem. Children will love the Liberec IQ Park.

The Bedřichov village

Bedřichov village was founded in the 17th century near the glassworks. It is currently known as a tourist paradise. In the immediate vicinity of the apartments Bedřichovka is a bus stop - the bus will take you to Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec.
There is an information center, a post office, an ATM machine, a small grocery store with a cafe and a brand store IG Sport featuring Craft sportswear. Bedřichov and its surroundings offer many restaurants. We highly recommend the nearby Prezidentská chata or Restaurant ZOO 1320 and vegetarian bistro Mikyna in Liberec. In Bedrichov you can go bowling with friends and family. Ski resorts offer ski rentals and services. And we have tons of good mood!

We look forward to your visit.